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Default Re: Who is the best CB in the NFL?

Originally Posted by Carbine
In a cover 3, the outside corners are responsible for the back third of the deep field.... so if you're saying the safeties are playing a cover 2 shell over the top, and 1 linebacker and the nickel back are zoning the flats on both sides....that leaves one defense in the whole middle of the defense.... do you realize how easy that would be to exploit? Not to mention it's not a cover 3 defense if both outside corners are playing man to man with safety help over the top... that's just a cover 2 shell with some funky ass zone being played by the underneath coverage.
well, it could be true that they just never play a cover 3 in Oakland...they might just go cover 2 at most

and if they were it would be on known passing down, were you might not need anyone at all to zone the flats...leave them are just preventing a first down anything caught in front of that can be tackled...
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