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Default Re: Syracuse PG Tyler Ennis declares for the 2014 NBA Draft.

Originally Posted by ZenMaster
Those players are one and dones because they are very talented, John Wall was more talented than Johnny Flynn.

They get more physically and mentally ready from staying 2 years, their level of play in their rookie year would EVEN BETTER than what you have seen as a one and done.
The one thing you hear about most of the one and dones, especially big men, is that they need to put on muscle and fill out their frames.

It would make the general level of play in the NBA better, there's no doubt about it.

It would be dumb for them to return if they can be a lottery pick unless they have #1 overall ability but for some reason have inexplicably slipped to a late lottery projection, but that very rarely happens as even underachieving high talents are taken high for their potential.

If they return they risk injury and ruining their NBA career...not to mention you waste a year where you could have been earning a NBA salary that you never get back...and father time isn't gonna give them an extra year to make up for the burned year.

Also a player improves more in the NBA playing against NBA players then they do in college playing against inferior players in a totally different style of play. Plus in the NBA you train all day long while in college there are practice time limits.
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