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Default Re: Syracuse PG Tyler Ennis declares for the 2014 NBA Draft.

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
If the NBA doesn't want to pay for development, how about they also stop paying for decline years. What if they only want to pay for prime years. To be in the NBA, you have be between 24-34. Why should guys like Kobe, or Nash, be eating up huge chunks of salary cap space, when it is clear as day they can no longer contribute meaningfully anymore. Would you be ok with that?

I mean if you're ok with restricting an 18 or 19 year old from making a living, then you should be ok with restricting a 34+ year old from making a living as well, considering he is FAR better off, and has made his millions already.

But the NBA doesn't only want to pay for prime years 24-34, it's not worth discussing something that has no point and wouldn't happen. What they do want though is a 20 year old age limit. The NFL has set a precedence for this so it's not uncommon.

You must agree with this then: If NBA teams should pay for players development then why only after they turn 19? Why risk having players getting injured before that? Why even let them go play in college or high school? Why shouldn't they pay for their development from age 14 or 15 or even younger?
Why risk poor development or injury for a player out of the NBA environment at all, I mean NBA teams develops players better than any high school or college could right?
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