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Default Re: So is a Black baby born today already at a disadvantage?

In this day and age, white people are actually the victims of racism moreso than blacks or ANY OTHER RACE.

99% of the whites in America have nothing to do with the racist acts in the past, yet they are somehow blamed for them in indirect ways by angry, racist, scummy black people who want someone to blame for their failures in life.

The answer to the OP is no, blacks actually have more advantages in society... the question wasn't "are black people on average more poor than white people"

Chinese immigrants make no excuses. Japanese people. Mexicans. They were given no advantages, yet don't have nearly the problems that black people do. "But slavery and discrimination is why our race is in the gutter! We're the only people who've been discriminated against in America!"

Don't blame white people because you are insecure about your races perceived level of excellence in society... because doing so is ****ing RACIST. Young white people today are VICTIMS.
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