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Thumbs up top 5 teams..

1)MIAMI.....chicago almost has 2 get revenge 4 that butt kickin they recieved in the last playoff game...this year we've got way more heat and
athleticism and we should win at least 3/4 games this year in the reg season

2)DETROIT...who can forget rasheed wallace laughing at the bulls inability 2 keep pace with them....diffrent story this year weedhead!

3)LAKERS....i just personally enjoy watching the bulls vs. lakers....bringz me bacc 2 the good old jordan dayz.....

4)WASHINGTON......i still remember that first round defeat and i wanna c chicago manhanldle gilbert and company this year!

5)NEW ORLEANS....just wanna c how tyson plays on a new team and i read abt him saying that he's been working hard on his game all summer....(shoulda did that with chicago) but i like the guy anyway but big ben is the truth and will show young ty very soon!!...........GO BULLZ!
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