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i wanted to do team predictions, but it made it too hard for now (i do believe charlotte, memphis, and indiana are the 3 worst teams)

1- a daye 6-11 pf gonzaga- the reigns will be taken off this year- will explode

2- b griffen 6-9 sf/pf oklahoma- if he shows nba sf skills he could be the #1 pick depending on team need

3- b jennings 6-1 pg- i am really against most all tiny gaurds, but dont compare this guy to conley, augustine or felton- jennings is the once every long time between small guy talents- think along the lines of i thomas, iverson, c paul

4- j johnson 6-8 sf wake forest- prototype nba sf- has the skills to play inside out and the size/strength/speed to compare w any sf outside of lebron- better than granger not carmelo- will AGAIN be the best pro in the acc, but this time might have the horses to surround him if the 3 frosh turn out- just watch him

5- j harden 6-5 sg asu- slightly less skilled oj mayo, with more physical dominance-

6- h thabeet 7-3 c uconn- will take the final steps to cement himself as a legit top 10 pick- top center wont slide as far as lopez did

7-t smith 6-8 sf tennessee- real nba sf's are becoming harder to find at the same time as ths sf position is becoming the new pf of the 90's

8- d derozen 6-6 sg sc- physicall potential could move him up, but they only paid him for one year at sc so he comes out a little before ready

9- t handsbourough 6-8 pf unc- such a great college player that sombody around he 10ish area will grab him- will be productive rotation player

10- s curry 6-2 pg davidson- will show the pg skills needed to be a lottery pick- just special shooting the ball- may be best in the 6th man role, but will be an impact either way

11- c buddinger 6-8 sg arizona- returning to school will pay off as he answers the questions on him- plus has the bigtime draft position bonus of being really really white

12- m lee 6-4 pg ucla- will be the breakout freshman this year- very similar to westbrook- will be forced to play mostly sg & sf but at the nba level is a pg- i hope he stays at ucla

13- s hopson 6-6 sg tennessee- will come in as the most polished sg in this good group of fr sg's

14- t evans 6-5 sg memphis- smart all around type game w nba athletisism

just wanted to throw out an early mock to see how much i have to change by next year- i am interested in hearing your thoughts
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