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Default Re: Kobe hinting at retirement again.. / not gonna be a role player

Originally Posted by Smoke117
Bullshit, 18, 19 pts is affective. It's Kobe's ego which won't allow him to chuck up 22, 23 shots and average his points as he ages. How can you respect a player who can't age gracefully, but who's ego is so gigantic that when he can't be the "super star" anymore he's done? What a ****ing coward.

How is he a coward for not wanting to chuck up shots and be an inefficient role player?

But to respond to the OP, I think Kobe and Fish will retire at the same time. After all, Kobe and Fish came in the league together, have been in L.A. together for (almost) their entire careers and won all of their rings together. There's no one else in that organization that Kobe respects or trusts more than Fish imo. Kobe has what, 2 years left on his deal after this year? Yeah I think he will be done after that.

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