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Default Re: Kobe hinting at retirement again.. / not gonna be a role player

Originally Posted by Force
19 points a game, useless???

It's not just about points per game, and there isn't even a guarantee that his body nor mind would be up to the task of playing another 3+ season.s Kobe has had his time on the bench. He's had his time as the 2nd banana. He doesn't want to go back to it and why blame him? Like people have said, he doesn't have anything left to prove. He's won without Shaq and led teams to titles. Now he's just fulfilling his contract imo.

Plus, it's a level of humility. He's knows he's getting older and his days of being the completely unstoppable Black Mamba are over. There's a new generation of NBA talent being introduced and he's just showing the new guys a thing or two before he goes. Why embarrass yourself and the fans if you feel you can't play at the level you are accustomed to and want to?
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