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Default Re: Bargnani Suggests Raptors May Not be his Ideal Team

I totally agree with the philosophy... thats not in debate.

Just the Frye might be what is "offered" in exchange for Barges. Or perhaps Frye and another player - the rights to Vince Carter for example.

Or Frye and a draft pick for Barges. Or Gorat or.. some combo.

(Frye makes about $2.5 million per season ?!!? For one more year. I dont know if the Suns can do a lopsided trade and absorb the cap hit - I guess I doubt it ).

At the end of the day if you have some offers and Frye is the best player in all the offers....i.e. without injury bagage (Kaman Oden etc) you might be forced to look at it with the cap situation in mind as well.

While Barges does have value to teams in the league - other teams will still be trying to pounce on the Raptors to unload for cap reason cause the Raptors can absorb salary(Clippers/Kaman or Nuggets/Nene come to mind).

The better deal might be to take an underachiever - coach to D and then use him as a complimentry piece to a bigger better deal or cut bait.

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