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Default Re: Atheism vs. Theism

Originally Posted by HardwoodLegend
My better judgment knew how fruitless these threads are.

You knew the thread, topic/subject or whatever was fruitless, yet you created the thread anyway.

A very common attribute for atheists (especially young adults, thinking they understand the entire world around them, and that the average Christian is a mindless moron) is that atheists always have God on the brain. They're highly intrigued and mentally mind-raped by "how it all started" ... "what really happens after we die" ... "is there anything else to us, or are we the complete beginning, middle and end?" - and whatever other respective questions that mankind has been asking himself since the beginning of the human conscience mind.

The average (again, especially young adult type, etc) atheist will say something along the lines of "nah man, I'm not thinking of God all the time, none of that really mentally stimulates me, God doesn't exists, so why would he be on the brain full-time" etc. Atheists almost always try and paint the picture that they're not always thinking of God, possibilities of some sort of afterlife, etc. - but that couldn't be any further from the real truth. The real truth that is in their head, all the time.

Again, you creating this thread is a dead giveaway.

1) You're constantly thinking of God, the possibility of there being a God, etc.

2) Even though you know and even acknowledge a discussion about such is a dead-end, with nothing really gained. Nothing new really learned. No new "I think I'm finally seeing the LIGHT!" or something even further solidifying your faith in no God. Yet still, you're intrigued, mind-raped by God enough to start a discussion about it.

3) You graduated from simply thinking about God, to wanting to engage in conversation with others about God, see their opinions (from both believers and non-believers alike) and maybe even argue, belittle, or deepen your non-belief because here @ ISH, the majority is atheist (LOL, again, the young I know everything type) ... and because of that religious folks (especially Christians, which is the intended target you're attempting to get into quarrels with) find themselves getting gang-raped by a bunch of pissed off atheists who get extreme pleasure in unleashing their insults and opinions on the internet. A safe place where some atheists feel in their "comfort zone" and hurl insults at Christians.

4) You think about God some more.

5) You find another outlet to get into the God debate. Whether it's friends, family members you're comfortable talking to about, other internet sources. Anything you can to get your fix because you're addicted to talking about and having open discussions about God.

6) You think about God some more.

7) Rinse and repeat 1-6

The basic and real truth is that while you claim you don't believe in God, you can't stop thinking about God. Why is that, you think?

Atheism is like the world's newest and coolest religion. It's not some fad or anything like that, but it is something that a lot of younger people are finding highly entertaining, and for some really nerdy social misfits they find likewise atheists (especially on the 'net, in fact ISH is a hotbed for these nerdy social misfits) ... and to some degree, it helps them feel "accepted" like they're a part of something. Something important. Something that is rare, uncommon and involves "free thinkers" and those of higher intelligence than these, closed-minded, moronic *believers* ... you feel like this is your calling. You feel like atheism is where you "fit in"

You're probably the type who watches YouTube videos of The Atheist Experience, and comments something to the effect of "GO MATT! GO! GET 'EM DAWG!"

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