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Default Re: Best series on TV in the last 10 years?

Originally Posted by kuniva_dAMiGhTy
Again, the Sopranos is the greatest (consistent) show I've ever seen not named Breaking Bad.

guy - vice versa; haven't seen the wire yet.

The Wire is probably the most in depth drama in the history of television. It's really involved and feels the most "real" of any show that's probably ever been on. I mean, it is REALLY involved and smart. But when I think "Best Series", I'm not sure if I would say that necessarily. Best Series is also cultural impact and The Wire is such a niche show that not many people have seen. That's why I'm not sure I'd give it the title.

To me, LOST and Sopranos were 2 shows that were both great AND sort of defined TV in a way because of their overall impact.
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