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Default Re: Goodell Considering Dropping Pro Bowl

Originally Posted by AirGauge23
They used to have it back in the day.

I remember a bunch of comps. between different players and positions. They did one where the QB's threw the ball as hard as they could to see could go further. Another where they had to hit a bunch of targets. The WR's had to catch as many balls as they could being thrown by machines in different angles. That had to be in the 90's, I think. I remember Bledsoe, Elway, Mirer, Hershel Walker, etc.

I watched like 3 minutes of the Pro Bowl. When I saw Cam Newton jogging at 2 miles per hour down the field, I turned off the TV.
I remember Manning doing it I think his rookie year, so it had to be around in 98. They should bring it back, see if Darrell Green's still the fastest.
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