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Default Re: I feel cheated by Jordan, Bird and Magic....

I have heard Magic got the HIV by dipping his stick in men, Jon Amechi style.

Think of all the pink NBA players get, and NO ONE since has gotten HIV? Beyond suspicious. Rumor was Magic and Arsenio Hall were an item.

Jordan could've EASILY played 18 / 19 / 20 seasons. He was dropping 51 just a few days before turning 39. Dropped 40+ at 40 years old, on terrible knees.

MJ was gone in '94, could've stuck around just ballin and not competing for rings on a stripped down post PJ / Pippen Bulls roster in '99, 2000, and 2001.

If he was dropping 26/5/5 before injury in 2002, you really don't think he could've easily stuck around as an elite player for a few extra seasons? He's the most durable basketball player I've ever seen this side of LeBron.

He had his freak foot break in his 2nd season, and then didn't have a MAJOR injury until he put his body through the ringer as a 38 year old, after letting his body rot and get fat for 3 years from the ages of 35 to 38. And then put it through too much stress trying to re-format it for NBA competition against kids almost half his age.

If he played in '94 he would've gave you another year of 32/6/6 and then in '95 another year of 30/5/5.

He had no one challenging him. He had no Bird, he had no Durant, he had no Wade. He obliterated any personal competitor in front of him and sent them packing.

Magic? Drexler? Barkley? On to the next one, and none were presented so he played baseball for a couple years as a new challenge.
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