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Default Re: Michael Jordan WON a championship by himself. Many are just Ignorant about it on ISH

Originally Posted by Rubio2Gasol
Hakeem in 94 for me is the most I've ever seen a dude carry his team.

His teams arguably revolved around him more than any other championship team that I've seen. He had to score about 30 per game, but they also played 4 out/1 in with the shooters getting looks from Hakeem's doubles. So the offense really relied on him whether he was scoring or not. Obviously, he also had to anchor the defense, and Houston wasn't the best rebounding team, partially to the 4 out/1 in system, so they relied on Hakeem to be a decent rebounding team as well. Although their system primarily took away offensive rebounding opportunities that first year, but that just shows how much more they had to rely on Hakeem for their offense.

Although the '95 team had more offensive firepower and a legit second all-star in Clyde Drexler, you could argue Hakeem had to carry them even more that year. Houston got themselves in a hole by finishing as the 6th seed and had to beat teams that won 60, 59, 62 and 57 games to win the title. And Houston had less defensive support and less rebounding around Hakeem this year because of the small lineup.
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