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Default Re: Odom Wants Back In LA

LO7 who I thought had a head on his shoulders but turns out he's been hanging around the set of the Kardashian's looking for dramaful tv reality but instead got a real dosage of today's dramaful effect when his ego got bruised waa waa for whining instead of taking a page out of gasol's page to treat it like a business with the utmost professionalism and respect to what the Laker schemes even if it includes trading your ass but you still got a chance to remain in the city where all but 2 years revolved around your basketball and now acting life i'm sure Khloe would wanted it that way so boo hoo to you and kudos to Pau!

Mitch then had to bitch slap his bald headed dome back into neckland reality giving him an earful for not performing on the court and spent some time in rehab D-League after 11 years for now whining . Becareful what you wish for lo7 you maybe performing for Khloe in private sessions but you ain't oo7 in today's reality session coz you've been replaced for whining on & off the court coz dude you need to grip yourself and enhance your court performance!
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