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Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2012

Originally Posted by AboveTheRim.
Yeah, a movie about kids being forced to kill other kids is wayyyyy too cliche (take away Battle Royale and find me a movie like that). Sure, there was that lame hollwood romance between the two main characters, but stuff like that seems to appear in most movies nowadays. If you can't look past some minor elements in film to enjoy the rest then that's your problem.

I'm not just talking about children, I'm talking about down and out characters in general forced to participate in a "death game" of some sort because of the big bad authoritarian futuristic regime.

Gamer (2009)
Death Race (2008)
Rollerball (2002 and 1975)
Battle Royale (2000)
The Running Man (1987)

Just to name a few, and I'm probably missing a lot. Besides, what was the rest to enjoy?

Let's start with the flat and lame main character Katniss. God what a bore, the actress didn't do this cookie cutter protagonist any favors. She was a typical boring bad ass with a heart of gold, she had little to no personality, and the scenes demonstrating her ability were incredibly lame. One in particular, during the pre-game ceremony involving scores of players, where she received an 11 (the top score of course) which drew some cheers from the moronic crowd I was sitting with.

Woody Harrelson was surprisingly flat in this movie as well, the writing did him absolutely no favors. The main dictator (Donald Sutherland) was cliche in his few appearances, and his little henchman (the dude from American Beauty) looked and acted ridiculous throughout.

Let's not forget the final cop out of this sad film. Either Katniss or Peta (WTF kind of name is Peta?) must die. They threaten to both commit suicide, and this authoritarian regime, instead of flexing their power and letting them both perish, ******* out and declares them both winners. Unbelievably absurd.

If you like the Hunger Games, then you may as well lump yourself into the same crowd as those who like Twilight, because it is honestly the same quality of book and film.
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