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Default Re: Who would you take with the #3 pick?

Originally Posted by Make It Rain
They don't have a lot of talent at the PF spot. Or any really. JJ and Childress are good at SG. They just need a point. Conley is a must.

But they have guys who can PLAY that position. They have Pachulia, Smith, Marvin Williams and Shelden Williams. All of them guys can play the PF spot. Most are big enough to play it as well, and most are more athletic then the usual PF.

They could use some Center help though. Hawes could help them quite a bit.

I think the two simplest things for the Hawks to do is to trade down the order, get a 7th or 8th pick. Take Conley with that pick, then with their 11th pick take Hawes or one of the other centers available. Taking Jason Smith might be a bit of a reach at the 11 spot, but he could potentially work out.
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