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Default Re: top 5 Dirk still there?

you're a fool....Dirk would have countless wide open shots and would be in the running for a scoring title.
Open shots? Are you insane? That's like leaving Pippen open all night long because you're busy guarding Jordan. You don't let a 7 foot MVP sniper have open shots all night long, ever. No defense is stupid enough to leave Dirk, a franchise player, open for any circumstance.
because GS is the only team that plays small ball....they don't play with a center, they play with 2 guards and 3 forwards...they left Damp/Diop alone and tripled up on Dirk...other teams don't have that ability...
And being the normal, one-sided Dirk he is, he chose to shoot jumpshots over "midgets", in reference to Charles Barkley's description. What did Barkley say Dirk had to do to win? "Get them on the block, post'em up and punish those midgets." What did Dirk do? Get them on the arc, jump up and shoot the ball. He didn't attack the rim much at all. He let small players get to him. He attacks the rim more, though still not enough, against big men, but is scared and settles for jumpshots against midgets? I'm confused.
now I am not saying that Dirk didn't have a bad series, but there are legit reasons that GS gave Dirk much more problems that other teams...
Because they swarmed him and Dirk DECIDED to shoot all day. He wasn't forced to. That's just his nature - settles for jumpers with his one-sided game play style. Turn around, fadeaway. Post up, fadeaway, pump fake, fade away, once in a while go in for a layup. Otherwise he's pretty much shooting all day unless he gets easy looks to the rim. That's another reason why he isn't a top 5 player. His game is far too one dimensional. He's a big man that plays like a guard, and everybody knows that big men that shoot all day and don't dominate in the post never win.
still, you just proved that it was Shaq that had to dig the team out of the hole without the help of Wade...they wouldn't have even made the playoofs without Shaq
Okay? And? Shaq is the second option on offense - it was his JOB to carry them.
Wade doesn't wipe his own ass, the refs do that for him
Oh be quiet about "the refs" and the Finals stuff. This is all coming from the mouth of a Mavericks fan. Wade > Dirk. Simple. Wade attacks the rim like crazy is why he got so many calls. Sure, some of them were just flat out bad, but he still deserved many of the calls. This always happens. Who ever averages more FT attempts or gets to the line most always get criticized for "cheating". Stupid is all it is.
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