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Default Re: top 5 Dirk still there?

Originally Posted by Young HkM
It's not really about Dirk though, it's the idea that a player that failed to prove himself in the 2006-07 season but still manages to make my top 5.

If we were discussing the players with the top 5 seasons, I wouldn't put Wade in the top 5, he probably wouldn't be in the top 20 becuase he didn't play enough games. But in this case we're discussing the top 5 players which implies not only performance but ability. I won't write off an injured, player especially in this case becuaes there's a strong possiblity he'll recover and be back to his old self next year. There were no signs of Wade declining as a player, in fact he was having probably the best season as an individual prior to his injury.
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