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Default Re: top 5 Dirk still there?

I'm done defending Dirk and the Mavs. In fact, the more i think about it, I'm tired of their act and don't know if I could even consider myself a Mavs fan anymore. So many things about that team I don't like.

And there's no defending Dirk's playoffs either. You Mavs fans would like the world to believe that the double team is some illegal tactic that was just invented this yr to stop Dirk, or even that Dirk was doubled every time he touched the ball.

They swarmed him like that the first game, then the effect it had on Dirk mentally just lingered. 4 times he was in the post, the real post, iso'd against Stephen Jackson. 1 time he spinned off him and made a layup. The other 3 SJax mollywhopped his shot off the backboard.

Furthermore, he has a defeatist attitude which you never want to see in a leader i.e "If we lose this game [potentially the 3rd L in a 4 L series], the season's over" or the "I'm making what they're giving me, I just can't do much" type quote or the "Avery wants me to get a post game, I'll work on it but it's never going to be a strong point of my game" type quotes.
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