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Default Re: When is the last time a big FA chose NY?

Originally Posted by el gringos
Obviously the Knicks attained amare & chandler by paying more than anyone else was willing. But when was the last time a FA with an equal or better money offer chose the Knicks?

Educate me. Has it happened? When? Who?

I guess to understand the reasoning first you have to understand what you wrote.

Tyson Chandler tooks less to come to NY.

GS offered more money, and Dallas offered him 20 mil for one year to stay.

And we didnt overpay against PHx either, we guaranteed the whole deal. The amount Amare could earn was exactly the same.

Now with that said, I believe alot of factors will take place as far as free agents go. Listening to Phil, I dont think he'll be a heavy spender in 2015, but rather make a major push in 2016 for Kevin Durant.

To be honest there arent any BIG free agents in 2015 to pursue and the few top free agents I really believe will stay with their teams they are currently on.
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