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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I got this on Jan 2 I think for my PS3(my PC sucks) and this is the only game I have played in 2012 so far(proly a lil bit of MW3 but I suck lol)

This game just took my life and soul lol this is also my first TES game because I'm not that kind of an RPG gamer, I'm more on FPS and sports.

I'm lvl 41, Imperial Battlemage. I actually followed a Leonidas guide in youtube and accidentally made him my main character. I don't regret it because I wanna be a Battlemage and Imperial is one of the top races for Battlemages. I'm using the Dragonplate armor with armor rating of 420(same as my Daedric), using Daedric sword, bow, arrows, dagger, and a Destruction spell on my left hand. I play Novice because I'm a ***** and I wanna play this game as fast as I can. Master difficulty is a pain in the ass and takes too long for me to finish a certain quest. I might switch to Adept(more likely) or Apprentice because the 420 armor rating seems good enough. My One-H is lvl 77(it doesn't level up when fapping ) and Destruction is right around 30-35. I train with Faralda for my destruction. I have 100 smithing, 100 speech, and 100 sneak.

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