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Default Re: Pistons: It's so Cold in the D

I'd much rather this team be really bad than mediocre. At least if they end up with a top lottery pick they will have a solid core of guys there. Nobody thought this rebuilding effort was going to happen overnight. Top FA's aren't begging to come to Detroit. It's not like Dwight Howard put the Pistons on his wish list. It was going to need to be done through the draft. Monroe is a beast. Drummond looks like he's going to be a very good C one day. Knight has shown promise too. I think this year if they can draft a very good SG or SF it will be a core of guys that will cause many teams in the East problems for years. I really want Joe D to do everything through the draft. Save the cap space to keep around the young talent. There's nobody in this FA class that is going to turn things around. We have to be patient and let him do this the right way. Even though Detroit is losing, I'm enjoying watching the young guys get their chance. If somehow they could land a guy like Shabazz, this would be a really exciting team again.

I would like to see Tay get a chance elsewhere. As long as we could land a 1st round pick I think it would be worth it. He can't be all that happy right now. He's a very under rated guy who could be just what a team is missing that's trying to make a championship run.
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