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3 players that have played to their potential:
1. Kenyon Martin was an allstar, and is a capable player. He should be an all-D defender. And could be on this team.
he had afew good years with kidd but since then he's nothing but overpaid trash. And you said could be, so can swift but you don't see him doing it.

2. Stephon Marbury has been an allstar a few times, and is a good point guard when his heart is set on it. Still has career averages of 20 and 8. The type of player that just needs the right pieces around hi mto succeed.
being an allstar doesn't mean ****, the guy has potential to be the best pg in the leage, he's got a great body and if a guy like stave nash can win the mvp, he should be the GOAT.
he doesn't play any defense(being as strong as he is he should shut down other pgs) and is a horrible leader.

3. Jamal Crawford, finally showing his potential for coach Brown. A pesky defender, adept ball handler and an ever improving shooter. The best is yet to come.
again i aksed for player who played to their potential, crawford had no more than 10 good games last season, and didn't play much D so don't try to call him pesky. his jupshot was always there and he should be an alstar but he's too inconsistent.

3 players that have done something with their careers:
1. Kenyon Martin has two finals appearences as a starting power forward.
I'll give you that one (every team got a few of these guys so don't get happy) but he was young.

2. Stephon Marbury has been on numerous first round playoff exit teams, through no fault of his. He has played exceptional basketball in the playoffs.
thats not doing ****, nash took that team and turned it into a contender. he had a good team in minny too, put any average pg in his spot and he'll put these teams in the playoffs.

3. We are still waiting on mnumber 3. There's a lot of time for that.
i'll help you out a little
that would be malik rose, he got a ring in SA

Let me analyse the roster for you, seeing you have a low basketball iq.
i play basketball and know how **** works, it looks like you don't do more than watch, maybe even not.

-Eddy Curry: A very strong effective low post scorer, who is slowly improving his defense in the post. Can only improve. A eatsern conference center position is awaiting him at the allstar game.
the guy is a turnover/foul machine, not only does he pick up fouls on offense but turns it over at the same time. so we end up losing the ball, getting in foul trouble and having our "best" center on the bench.
and the guy just like marbury and crawford knows nothing about defense.
he should have went to college.
and taylor is a way better post player.

-Adonal Foyle: The opposite of Curry, excellent change of pace player, to come on and play some big defense and block some shots. Perfect backup/ tutor to Eddy Curry.
tutor? the guy has horrible IQ (looks like you two have something in common), he got a big contract from the warriors and still didn't get much playing time.

-Mikki Moore: A good hustle player who will work his butt off for minutes, and will challenge the starters in practice.
you know that you can't have 7 guys on the floor at the same time and you can't just add up their "skills"

-Kenyon Martin: Excellent post and perimeter defender. Good set shooter, good shot blocker and a capable rebounder. Passing game is underrated. An enforcer.
defense wasn't his favorite thing last year, he's injury prone and like a lot of the guys we have on this team, he's a problem off the court. guy has some ego problems and plays like he's KG but ends up looking like chandler.

-Brian Skinner: a good man to man defender and good on the boards. Very strong player.
old and overpaid thats all there is to say.

-Darius Miles: Can be a shut down defeder when he wants to as wel as a real match-up nightmare on offense. Strong rebounder which should make up for any lack of rebounding from Curry and Martin. Super athletic.
he's not a shut down defender. you just said kmart was a good rebounder and now miles comes in to make up for him?

-Mike Dunleavy Jr: Great shooter and a very underrated passer, also rebounds well, a good reserve behind Miles, espeically for keeping Miles' minutes down to watch for further knee injuries.
when you build a team you want guys who fit your style, not guys who come in and do the complete oposite and **** up your flow.

-Quentin Richardson: Good outside shooter, great post up game fro mthe guard spot, and an excellent rebounder. An underrated defender.
chuck but played some good D last season

-Jamal Crawford: Absolutely clutch shooter, great passer, ball handler, and ever-improving defender. Great super sub. Plays well with Marbury.
and he's inconsistent

Stephon Marbury: Good shooter, very fast to get to the hole, sometimes plays out of control going to the hole. Has an ok assist-to-turnover ratio, field goal % is also passable for a point guard. Should have improved shot selection with Isiah as coach, has tremendous defensive upside when focused, is hands down the best point guard in the league if utilised in the right system (pick and rolls/ pops with KMart).
thanks for clarifying that you use stats to talk about a guys game. and how is his shot selection going to improve under isiah when he played for brown who was there to limit him only to good shots.

yeah you're great
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