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As much as I enjoy the amount of thought that has gone into your trade scenarios Ced I don't think that trading everyone is the right way to go to fix the Knicks situation.

Even though it doesn't look it, this team could actually be pretty solidly built for a rebuilding project. They've got 4 young players (hitting 4 of the 5 positions - Butler, Frye, Lee and Nate) who have shown promise and can develop over the next 3 years while all the focus is going to be on the highly paid stars who make up the rest of the team. There's going to be very little pressure on those players to succeed because they're getting paid every year about as much as Jerome James spends on lunch.

Over the next 3 years the knicks will be able to find out whether those player will cut it as starters and then either blow up the team and start again or build around those four (+Curry and Crawford)

And who knows, Curry might lose some weight, improve his fitness dramatically,learn to rebound and become the center shaq said he would be. Add that to a coach who is going to build a system around a players and not try and force his players into one and the current Knicks team might be as good as the one you built Ced.
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