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Default Re: Chandler and Okafur officially traded.

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
For saving money, period. Why lock up long term cash to hold a team together that's going nowhere near contention? Fans don't want an OK team that's borderline 8 seed, they want contention. This is why we're seeing so many of the mediocre teams hold down the fort until their existing contracts expire (or they can move them for lesser deals like this). Players don't give a damn about where they play, they give a damn about who can pay them. Charlotte made themselves somewhat of a player in 2 years, much moreso than they'd have been before.

I don't see the logic in keeping Okafor for an additional 2 years compared to Chandler and having nothing but basically the MLE to lure players that can help you reach the next level. As you said, it's Charlotte, players aren't going to take a paycut to play there, they're going to play there because they can get paid.

This. The Cats will save about 40 mil with this deal. Look, here's what you'll get with Mek: A smart, classy guy who's unfortunately a center in a power forward's body. He has no real post moves and probably the worst hands of any big man in the game. He can rebound and he can block shots, but when up against all-star big men he gets toasted. After a great rookie season his game has ceased to progress in the last 5 years. Compare to Dwight Howard from the same draft. People saying he's gonna put up 19/10 are dreaming. He's not the offensive powerhouse just waiting for CP3 to unlock his potential. He is what he is.

Is Chandler any better? No. Will it hurt the Cats next season? Possibly, but I don't think so. LB has been saying since he got here that we need to get bigger if we want to compete in the East. The J-rich trade made no sense to me last year and turned out to be one of the best deals we've ever made. I think it was LB not MJ pulling the strings here and I'm inclined to trust he knows what he's doing.
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