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Default Re: What are your 2011 basketball resolutions?

Originally Posted by carpevicis
It was about 3 months. I train twice a week, full body, with maximal weight. Most of my sets are between 3-5 reps, with the last part of the year around 3 reps. With the deadlift, I'd build up to my one rep max every week, and workout only once a week. So the week before New Year's I one repped 285, then on New Year's Eve I did 305.

I had to eat alot, I always took a whey protein supplement afterwards, but that was it. I went from about 145 at the beginning of my training to 150 now. I did accumulate some body fat, which I'll look to burn in the off season. Right now I'm still trying to progress with my one rep maxes so I'm eating extra.

As of right now, my maxes are:
Deadlift 305+
Squat 235+
Bench around 150-155
Incline 65lb dumbbells
Shoulder press 50lb dumbbells

I'm taking a deload period right now though, where I do more reps like 4-6 to give my body rest from that training period.

dam that's crazy. My workout for performance and vertical jump consists of:
bench press
close grip bench press press
pull ups
close grip chin ups
hang clean and press
the vertical jump bible novice strength training program at the weeks 4-6 which consists of two workouts including squats/barbell squats/calf raises/deadlifts/leg curls/and a couple more stuff. I'm only bench pressing like 20 pounds on each side(kind of hard for me. my arms are a bit more long so I'm assuming that it's a longer way or something) and I'm squatting like 110.
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