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Default Re: What are your 2011 basketball resolutions?

Originally Posted by bobbyflay
dam that's crazy. My workout for performance and vertical jump consists of:
bench press
close grip bench press press
pull ups
close grip chin ups
hang clean and press
the vertical jump bible novice strength training program at the weeks 4-6 which consists of two workouts including squats/barbell squats/calf raises/deadlifts/leg curls/and a couple more stuff. I'm only bench pressing like 20 pounds on each side(kind of hard for me. my arms are a bit more long so I'm assuming that it's a longer way or something) and I'm squatting like 110.

I like your workout. What I really like is how it incorporates only compound lifts. It's been said many times, but still people don't understand that isolation exercises like curls and triceps extensions, calf raises and leg extensions, are no good for athletic performance. That's why I'm not really feeling your Vertical Jump Bible workout, but if you feel like it's going to work, try it out.
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