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Default Kobe's impending retirement

I just want to say that it is so sad and pathetic that we live in a culture that hates winners. Have we as Americans become that overpopulated with losers that collectively we hate a great winner and champion like Kobe Bryant.

I say this because there has been so much press lately devoted to Kobe possibly retiring in 2 or 3 years, with the underlying feeling being that many people in the world of professional basketball essentially want to push Kobe Bryant out of the sport.

I really don't understand it. What is it that people resent so much about Kobe Bryant? Is it because he is living proof that the American Dream is attainable to anyone with the focus, determination, and work ethic to go after their dream. Or is it because it bothers white America so much to see an African-American male fully empowered, free, and prospering in America. Which is it?

Kobe is the greatest basketball player of all time, and just about everyone that is not in Laker nation wants him out of the sport so we can turn it over to the primadonna that we know as King James.

Since we're on the subject of Queen James let me state that he will never be equal to Jordan in my eyes because Jordan played in an era where players literally had to fight to win championships. We have never seen Lebron brawl or even get in a guys face like that, so in my eyes he will never be anywhere near the leader or man that Jordan was. Kobe is not as tough as Jordan in that regard either but at least we got to see him rough Reggie Miller up earlier in his career. So he gets some real man points for that.

Anyways, I'm slightly disgusted with the NBA overall in terms of how soft todays stars are, but at least in the Finals we'll get to see Kobe throw some elbows to Wade's throat, and Metta punk Lebron, and then maybe all will be restored to right in the basketball world.
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