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Question Re: Kobe's impending retirement

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I never thought it was an issue that touched on all of those subjects. When I speak to laker haters about their reasons for hating on Kobe, they always say its because he has this attitude to whenever he lights up a team, he likes to make sure they the opposing team, the opposing fan base, and the player guarding him hear about it forever.

Kobe is a player that likes to win, all the time. He wins so much that it can sometimes get to his head. He never takes the trophy respectfully and adds it to his list of success without saying something about somebody.

Its like after the lakers beat the celtics in 7 games in the finals. The very first sentence to come out of Kobe's mouth, right after beating a historical rival. "I just got one more than Shaq". When I heard it I honestly asked to myself "really? You beat the most hated team by lakers fans, and the one guy in your head is shaq?

Shaq never came close to getting the amount of rings Kobe has. So why does Kobe feel the need to kick those who are down? Thats what the problem is. He doesn't beat you and remain happy with the win. He kicks people....while they are down.

He almost did the very same thing to the lakers after he demanded a trade every single day of a summer. In retrospect, he probably would like to take that part of his legacy away.

To lakers fans, he's a hero. He's kept the team at a level of competition that is scary to the other top teams....even when they were subpar he kept them competitive. Case in point when Kwame Brown, Brian Cook, and Smush Parker were starters.

To laker fans, he is a legend. A God amongst the other celebrities. Brings fans to the seats, brings celebrities to the seats. Sells jerseys and apparel worldwide with not only his name, but the lakers' name.

To other fans....He's just an ass-hole....a bigger, stronger, arrogant asshole

If we hated guys like Bibby....imagine how other guys felt about Kobe.
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