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Default Re: Ever feel like you need a religion?

Sometimes i feel like adopting a religion. Not sure what, but something to follow with rituals (or frequent practices) and a community. I can't imagine myself a christian or catholic, and many others i'm not sure of either, but i still get this inner urge to pray to something, but since i don't really believe in any particular higher being (other than energy), i just feel stuck in a void until the feeling goes away. I really can't explain it.
Yeah, it's probably because you need a religion.

Go get one. I felt like that my whole life, and then one day, I was like, wait a minute. Maybe I should actually act on this really deep feeling of mine. Maybe all of human history being colored by religious feeling and activity isn't some aberrational species-wide mistake. Maybe it's actually a good idea, if done right. So I did.

Why can't you imagine yourself a Christian or a Catholic? Is it because every Christian you know is a retard and it seems incredibly cultish and stupid? That's a pretty common reason. I can't say it's not justified. But just like everything else, 98% of people who are into it suck at it. Don't let that stop you. It doesn't necessarily mean the thing itself isn't a worthwhile lifestyle.

Is it because you can't imagine yourself believing the historical narrative? Who cares? A religion is something you live, not something you think. It's this weird double-mind thing for me. I'm becoming Catholic, but I don't actually believe any of it to be literally true. I just think adhering to a religious lifestyle is a really good idea. And the ideas and the actions go hand in hand. So believing all the stuff I'm supposed to believe is something I work on, "pray about." Struggling with belief is common to all members of any religion. They just ultimately strive to attain it, and often do.

There are a lot of complex reasons why believing the Christian historical narrative (the Incarnation, not all the claims - many of them very dubious - they make about the Church's impact on history, good or bad) is really healthy and vitally human and will enrich how you look at the world. Just try it for a month. Find a Christian you know who seems reasonable (they exist) and have him sponsor you. You may be surprised the things you can assimilate.

Or you can do what I did and meet a girl who's Catholic and just have it be much easier than any alternative. (That isn't my primary motivation, but if it weren't for that I probably wouldn't bother.)

Also: Please don't listen to anything anyone who's Christian says if it sounds like airy nonsense to you. They all sound like loons, and do terrible discredit to a really good thing. For Catholicism at least, there are a few prominent guys who have balls and a brain, and they're what won me over. Check out a book by GK Chesterton, or check out Father Barron on YouTube.

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