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Default Re: The sure to be epic 2013 Jazz off-season!

I'm hoping they win at least 10 so they aren't the worst team ever. Could definitely be the worst Jazz team ever which would be saying something considering their early history. Most people want them to finish with one of the worst records so they will get one of the studs in the next draft. Hard to imagine that they won't and would be pretty disappointing if they didn't with the obvious tank job they're doing.

See what they have so they know who they want to pay in the next couple years(Hayward and Favors might get paid beforehand though). See if they want to bring Neto and possibly Tomic over next year based on what Burke, Clark and their bigs do. See if Biedrins, Rush and Lucas will be worth keeping around.

I think they should be more exciting anyway. Pushing the ball. Getting after people defensively and hopefully running the Jazz offense again in the half court. Looking forward to seeing what Enes and Burks can do in a featured role finally.

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