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Unhappy Re: Ish Official Fit-club

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
YOu're not too heavy.

You are strong for your weight. SO what's stopping ya ?

Muscle up is basically a violent pull up but the trick is to ROTATE YOUR WRISTS FORWARD ON THE BAR AS YOUR CHEST IS IN THE AIR AND CATCH YOURSELF.

Handstands are core strength, balance, and shoulder strength. Start by doing those planches, pike pushups (knees on the table then shoulders out), doing the HSPU's assisted on walls and having a partner hold you.

For pull-ups.
5 sets

Rest a day.


Rest a day.


Rest a day

Add + 10 lbs

Etc. etc.

Rest a day


Rest a day

Add + 15 lbs


The jist of it is it's a specific movement that simply gets better with practice and repetition. That's it. No tricks really. Higher volume. Negatives. Stronger Grip. And lotsa practice. Simple, but consistency is key.

Do as many as you can. Rest 1 min - 90 secs. Do as many as you can. Repeat.

If you wanted to supplement your pullups add heavy barbell rows with a strong contraction, deadlifts, and lots of rows. You need to find your weak link (is it lats, is it forearms, is it at the bottom is it at the top) and fix that sh!t up.

Also get your form right. That means chest up, head up, Back arched, and IMAGINE PULLING YOUR ELBOWS DOWN TO THE FLOOR. Don't be afraid to tense up every muscle in your body including your abs and glutes.

Source: Trying out for USMC which requires 20 and went from 5 --> 18 deadhang in a few months. Also did some gymnastics and asked an expert on iron cross and muscle ups lol.

Can always count on J$ to give some good advice. Thanks, homie. Even though everyone says GTG'ing works, I've actually yet to try it, as most of my training still revolves around gaining mass (though I do my best not to get stuck at a certain weight in a lift too much). My plan though is that after this 1-2 month block with CC, I'll push my DL and OHP with some good ole Power to the People. Once I get to the full pull-ups stage of CC though, I'll definitely try what you've outlined up there. Good cues by the way. I read an article by Eric Cressey on some pulling cues and he mentioned that one about drawing your elbows down instead of back. Feels much better.

Interesting too about the gymnastics part. Despite how macho bravado dickheads see gymnastics, I think it's just awe-inspiring. Have a little but of a streetdance background and at one point, our coach required us to have some gymnastics training too. At 16 years old that time, starting out felt awkward. Really still wanna pull off solid handstands and learn some of the basic stunts though.
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