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Originally Posted by TheBynumProject
The XFL was AWFUL. NBC and Vince McMahon/WWE lost somehing like 70 million bucks on it...and it was only around 1 year. Talk about pathetic. Tommy Maddux is the only person who can say he's glad the XFL existed.

It actually wasn't awful.

No shit it started off kinda rocky, what else is expected about a new league and what was basically a new form of football. But things got better as the season went on. The quality of the play increased as the league, players and teams adjusted.

The main reason it flopped was because the NFL along with some media outlets conspired against it.

Who didn't wanna see some of the stuff that was going on?

Shit was actually very entertaining, but it was hard for them to compete vs an established league with history and ties to its community.

I think that if it lasted longer, it would've grown to give the NFL some competition. In time they would've eventually drawn big names to join the league, either NFL vets or college stars.
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