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Originally Posted by joe
The fans are almost universally, unilaterally satisfied with the NFL product. Trying to compete with them in 2001 was silly.

In 2012, I actually see an opening. There's been some backlash against the NFL for softening the game. So let's say the NFL gets rid of the kickoff, continues to lessen the sports physicality, and gets hit with some lawsuits by former players. Now flash forward 15 years, couldn't you see an XFL type league popping up again? They can brand themselves as "real football," as opposed to the ever-softening NFL. They can make all players sign a contract, warning them that football is a dangerous game and that the XFL isn't legally liable for any health issues they incur, either during or after their playing career.

Then, this league can take a bunch of steps to satisfy the PC police. For instance:

-Devote a portion of all league earnings to offer health care to retired players. They can have standards for which players qualify, like guys who were model citizens and played in the league for 10+ years. And only to those who couldn't afford health care otherwise.
-Offer "Post Career Planning" services to all players. The league would help them set up retirement accounts, and to put aside money for post-career medical bills.
-They can put another portion of all league earnings into medical research, and keep every player up to date on their findings.

Okay, I'm ready to do this. What super rich ISH poster wants to invest in my idea ;)

Here are the actual rules that were different from the XFL:

The XFL, made a few rule changes to the professional rule book to spice up their games. The majority of the new rule were very noticeable..

There is no coin toss to determine which team will get the ball first. Instead of the coin toss, the action in the XFL will start before the game even kicks off. Player from each team will line up on the 35-yard line. The referee will blow the whistle and each player will dash to the 50-yard line where a ball will be placed. The team that recovers the ball has the choice to kick or receive.

Returning teams must run kickoffs back out of the end zone, unless the kick goes through the end zone.

The extra point will either be pass or run attempted only after a touchdown.

The ball spotted on the 2-yard line. Eliminating the extra-point attempt by the kicker.

Receivers needed only one foot inbounds for a pass reception.

Defensive players may use bump-and-run tactics on offensive players down the field. Changed back to NFL rule eliminating the bump-and-run only after 4 weeks.

Teams have 35 seconds to get a play off after previous play is ruled dead and 25 seconds following any clock stoppage.

Quarterbacks who slide can be downed just by contact and can't be hit.

No in the grasp rule, the play stops when forward progress is halted.

College football overtime system was used. In overtime, each team will have at least one possession, a maximum of four downs from the opposition's 20-yard line, unless a defensive touchdown is scored on the first possession. However, if the first team scores a touchdown in fewer than four downs, the second team only gets that many plays to respond.

Offensive back is allowed in motion toward line of scrimmage before ball is snapped.

No fair catches are permitted, but the returning player is granted a 5-yard protected halo where a member of the kicking team may not encroach until the ball is touched. The kicking team may not cross the line of scrimmage until the ball is punted. At the same time, any punt traveling more than 25 yards past the line of scrimmage is a live ball and can be recovered by either team.

These are some rules I'd like the NFL to implement in some manner.

And obviously the quality of play was sketchy at first, but what else did people expect for a new league with new rules? I'm sure that as it matured the quality of play would've increased (it was getting better as the season went on) and the rules would've made it more entertaining for the fans.
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