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Default Re: The Saga of Brook and Robin.

Originally Posted by Nets fan 93
Robin fan huh???
i find the whole twin situation interesting. history is full of examples of one twin excelling and the other one fading into the woodwork. so looking at the factors that caused that is kind of fascinating.

also, as we know, thorn did not expect brook to be around at #10. apparently the plan was to draft robin all along. so robin was very nearly our center for the future. just makes one think...

anyway, he played two more games now and averaged:

minutes- 26
shooting- 70%
FT's- 6 attempts per game, averaging 91%
rebounds- 6
blocks- .5
points- 12.5

better in most areas except for blocks. still pretty nice overall. and people are still talking about him as having the greater potential than brook, too. including brook.

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