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Default Re: Question about eating spicy foods

Originally Posted by pete's montreux
I eat a lot of spicy foods and while I don't get the devil's asshole as much as you guys, I do get a lot of acid reflux from it. It does happen occasionally though, and my toilet ends up looking like a garbage can behind a Planned Parenthood. It's like a Civil war cannon down there.

Also, I don't use paper, I exclusively use baby wipes. Much cleaner and feels nice.

I get acid reflux too, sometimes where it feels like i have a pool of acid in the middle of my chest going up and down. It only happens when i eat a lot of fried foods or for some reason something super syrup sweet like Cranberry juice mostly, also sometimes really spiced up steaks. Usually a few antacid fix it.

Howard Stern used to always talk about baby wipes when he was on public radio. He's pretty obsessive compulsive clean and he'd talk about carrying them around with him to wipe and use at home. I'll usually wet some toilet paper and wipe if its a sloppy exit, then do a final dry wipe. I bet people would use 1/2 the toilet paper if only their first wipe were wet, and dry final wipes until clean. Or maybe start dry, wet one, then final dry wipe.

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