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Default Re: How did we go from the playoffs two years ago, to unquestionable bottom-feeders?

LJJ has it right.

Also, look at the difference between Charlotte and all of those teams with the exception of Orlando and Cleveland - they're huge markets. And hell, I'll consider Orlando a major market because you give anyone the choice between Orlando, Charlotte, and Cleveland, 99% of them will pick Orlando.

That being said, I do wish we had kept Felton and Wallace and built around them. More than likely we'd have ended up with similar picks (Brown and Biyombo, and possibly even Kemba because we trade so damn much).

Even if we did build up superstars from the draft, I really could see us only getting to a 5 seed at the best, and that's getting the OKC treatment. So there's really no improvement. And once we got the 5 seed, we'd get frustrated and be totally okay when them blowing the team up and starting over again.

We got spoiled with the playoffs one year and I think we've become THOSE fans that are reeeeaalllyyyy never satisfied.
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