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Default Re: How did we go from the playoffs two years ago, to unquestionable bottom-feeders?

Originally Posted by C-A-T-S
Trust in Cho!

Indeed. Since he came we made that stellar trade shipping Jax to the Bucks (and look how he's since fallen) and IMO had the best draft ever for the franchise. I've always been a critic of this FO but for once I'm finally optimistic.

I wanted to keep Felton mainly because he was a good defender (I love a defensive team) and that squad we had going right after we brought in Raja Bell was one of my most favorites. After seeing how he's fared tho I'm pretty happy with how that turned out OTHER than us not getting any compensation for him.

Crash? I'll always hate that trade. All I can say it it was done under Higgins/Jordan...and now it's a brand new day. Have to just let that one go.
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