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Default Re: How did we go from the playoffs two years ago, to unquestionable bottom-feeders?

Originally Posted by liverpooty
We are in a better situation now than we were then. Im not a big fan of perennially being either an 8 seed or 2 games back from an 8 seed. Drafting 9th-12th year in and year out is purgatory. If you're going to be good you should strive to be great. If you're going to be bad be really bad so that you can draft the pieces (hopefully), and eventually be great.

Well, this isn't the NFL so ... draft picks are still determined by a lottery system, and until that changes, 'tanking' or being very bad doesn't really do much for us IMO. To some degree, I honestly question the integrity of the draft system. Stern & Company behind closed doors could still be pulling strings.

To add, the picks we do take (even in the top 10 range) are almost always questionable ones.
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