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Default Re: How did we go from the playoffs two years ago, to unquestionable bottom-feeders?

Well there are several reasons for this.

1. The Bobcats have drafted horribly since the franchise began. Taking Morrison #3 is almost as bad as Washington taking Kwame #1. Both of those fall on MJ. Also, people forget, we left Brook Lopez and Roy Hibbert on the board in 2008 to take DJ Augustin with the 9th pick. May not sound like a bad pick. But considering we already had Ray Felton, that was a horrible move.
2. Bad Contracts. The Bobcats should rename the team to the Charlotte Bad Contracts. Think of all the guys we have overpaid and reached on over the years. The team under Larry Brown had a different philosphy than they have now. Which was building with mid level talent guys but pay them like top level guys. Cho will change this.
3. Yes it is by design. The Bobcats are a small market team. They cannot hope to go the way of OKC, Orlando or San Antonio and luck up and land a Hall of Famer. They have to be smart, patient and disciplined to build a contender. It will take time. Look at the examples of Philly and Indiana. Both those teams have sucked for several years. But they have amassed fairly talented rosters. They are deep. And both are in fairly good cap situations. (Philly is a little worse). And they have flixibility. And guess what? They are competing. THAT is who I see the Bobcats modeling themselves after. Kemba and Biyombo are the first steps of this.
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