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Default Re: Shams: Lakers and Dwight Howard have mutual interest

Originally Posted by NBAGOAT
yea hope he plays 60 games. definitely a risk along with the fact that la is a distraction but I dont think there's much better at this point.

Faried is a better player than the center options and even took some 3's last year but the fact that the lakers are looking at mostly centers tell me ad isnt going play much center. Obviously faried isnt going be center when he's playing with ad. If they can convince ad to even play 15 min at the 5, definitely go for him but idk.

Faried isn't bad. Nene is another option..

Comparison of remaining centers:

Statistically, it is between Dwight and Noah. Dwight has historically stayed healthy except 2018-19 season. Factor in health, and I guess you have to go Dwight even though I don't like his attitude. There is no other option.
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