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Default Playoffs 2nd Round wrap up + FINALS Preview (2013)

The Premiere league playoffs continue to entertain, as the second round consisted of two great matches as well.

Pete defeats Sky 6-3

The two time defending champ was favored to win by a big margin, but Sky with his tenacity, was able to force a pretty close match as he only lost rebounds by 13 & steals by 4. Had he had been able to secure those two categories, it would have been one of the biggest upsets in premiere history. But Sky should be proud of his accomplishments this season, there is absolutely no shame in losing to a dominant force in Pete.

DZW defeats Rich 5-3

Wow, talk about a truly epic nail biting series.. both teams were hit hard by injuries & DNP-CD's. I wanted to say it was the depth of the team that won it for DZW, but it really wasn't this time I think. With Rich having the tiebreaker advantage, the score was tied 4-4 heading into the second half of the last game of the day, in what was a blowout game (Portland v Dallas), things looked grim for DZW because he needed either a 3 (unlikely), 2 steals (unlikely) or free throws in limited time before Aldridge & Hickson got subbed out - in which LMA iced it for DZW's team by going 2/2 FT in the waning minutes of the third quarter to win the FT category by 0.03%. Just truly down to the wire.. Rich may not have been able to advance to the finals, but it shouldn't take anything away from a very very solid season performance from start to finish.

Championship playoffs




These two rivals have met each other in the playoffs before, but it will be the first time they play on the biggest stage. The two time back to back defending champion Pete, and former champion DZW may be friends, but make no mistake about it, both of them want this bad, really really bad. How badly? I am pretty sure that if you offered $1000 USD to either one to forfeit this match, neither of them will take the deal.

Both of these teams are deep and stacked, however Pete may have the extra 'oomph' factor simply because of Kevin Durant, which DZW has no player of that caliber to match with. Despite the addition of Kyrie Irving for DZW's team, his limitations of not being able to play back to back games, along with the recent loss of Batum may simply be too much for DZW to overcome.

DZW has a good chance of winning the whole thing, but Pete has to be slightly favored here.

Predicted winner: Pete

Interesting fact #1: DZW is 4/4 so far in these write up predictions

Interesting fact #2: These two are also currently playing each other in the Alt League finals!

Interesting fact #3: DZW has been right once and wrong once on predicting Pete's championships these past 2 years.

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