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Default Re: Barkley: I'm better than Malone

I appreciate what Kidd did for that team with his passing, defense vs bigger players and basketball IQ, as well as his improved 3 point shot, but he was more like a role player by that point. Terry's scoring and clutch play and Chandler's defense and rebounding made them better. Arguably Marion as well.
all nice peices, but kidd was easily their second best player by a wide margin in both the regular season, and playoffs. kidd was alot closer to nowitzki as the mavs best player than any other player was to kidd himself.
He never once got serious MVP consideration.
barkley's highest mvp rank was top 3 once, in 1993. stockton's highest mvp rank was top 3 in 3 years: 1989, 1991, and 1992.
Already proved you wrong on '92, '94 and '96
He did pretty well with even a limited Kevin Johnson in '93.
1 of only 5 occasions where he stepped up in the po's
He was 34 and a shell of his former self, Hakeem declined greatly after that 1 year too. Stockton had Malone for their entire primes.
a top 2 center, and top 5 overall player wasn't enough , throw in a top 2 shooting guard? still not enough
I don't really care

The supporting cast matters too.

When Magic has at least as much passing ability as he ever did from '87-'90, a bigger role to produce more as a playmaker, the new found ability to take over a game in a half court situation with his great post game and reliable outside shot, which also made his playmaking even better since the Lakers could run the offense through Magic in the post, it's obvious that he took his game to another level. Those major differences are why that period is Magic's prime.
he was much more effective in 1982 in his youth. he only added those things because he was getting old and losing his physical abilities.
Moses was the dominant player of the regular season by far, it's not particularly close, this is why despite his disappointing playoff performance(which I've discussed in detail before), is not enough to drop him from his spot as the best player in the '82 season.
larry bird and magic johnson were the best 2 players from the regular season after leading their respective teams to the best 2 records in the nba. moses malone dropped from 3rd in the regular season to 5th after the playoffs due to his poor individual, and team showing in the post season. the houston rockets bowed out in the first round, winning only 1 game, and the losing margin being 15, and 21 points in the losses. moses dropped 7 points, and dropped 9 percentage points off his field goals, he also did not manage to block a shot per game, in fact he averaged 3 times more turnovers than blocks for the series.
This quote from Magic proves he does not agree
i'm sorry, what does this quote prove?
I wasn't going back before the Celtic dynasty since I'm not particularly knowledgeable about that era, nor do I care as much
say no more
Ultimately he did help the Bulls basically match their win total, despite being far less talented with the loss of the greatest player ever, imo. You expect a massive decline after that.

Despite that, Pippen did pick up some of the scoring slack increasing his scoring 3.4 ppg, while he also shot the ball much more efficiently and also stepped up his defense and rebounding. That's even more impressive because he was now the focus of opposing defenses with Jordan not around anymore.
but the ball was in his hands alot more, or there was the opportunity to be in his hands, so there was more than ample opportunity to step up his scoring.
I do take into consideration when player's games don't translate as well to the postseason, although I usually have an idea of this based on their skill set in general. For example, Karl Malone often benefited from easy baskets, so his offense usually fell off. David Robinson lacked a good back to the basket game and go to move so his offense usually fell off greatly. Lebron was a poor shooter in '07 and '08 and this got exposed each year. Durant's '10 regular season scoring was partially a result of an excessive amount of FTA, which he wasn't getting in the playoffs, hence his decline.

But there's also just bad match ups/slumps that occur, which can still decide a ranking for me when it's close, but won't make a big difference.
each to their own. the playoffs are where dreams are made and broken, it is why players play the game. i expect big time players to step up big, sometime it will be the difference in determining rankings.
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