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Default Re: Ohio St. trio all entering NBA draft.

Originally Posted by i seen hippos
What's the lowest pick a team is guaranteed to get? I think the #1 seed can do no worse than the 5th pick. Anyone know the rest?

Is there a guaranteed highest pick a team can get (ie. like a team in Philly's situation?)?

Philly wont be able to move up much if at all. They might move up 1 spot..thats been realistic but for the most part 8 on down pretty much stay the same. Like i said from 8-14 you may have a team or two at best that switch spots...Philly at 12 leaps to 11 and whoever was at 11 falls to 12. The movement up is limited. From 1-7 you got movement...i dont know how low the top 3 worst teams can go...but I'll assume 4th or 5th.

So really predicting the draft from 8 on down is possible...7 on up isnt. Sixers are at 11 and thats where they will end up in the draft.
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