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Default Re: RoundMoundOfReb is easily the worst poster on the boards

Originally Posted by D-Wade316
I wasn't much around here when he got banned. What did he do? Turn up the notch?

I remember he just went crazy here:

I think he, among others, started spamming RRR3's real life picture and started harassing him a lot. And, I believe he was getting reported and posters started sending PM's to Jeff about his crazy rants.

I don't know if it was just a specific thing he did, he really didn't go any crazier... which is really saying something. I think it just boiled over and Jeff opened his eyes on the matter. But I'm going on my hunch that it was RRR3 pic spamming that sealed the deal, since it was a constant theme at times during the summer and early pre-season time.
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