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Default Re: RoundMoundOfReb is easily the worst poster on the boards

Haters Gonna Hate

Other Than My Bold Texts and Capitalizing I Consider Myself a Good Poster. I Don`t Always Make Barkley Threads that Was Before When People Where Underrating Him to a Point It Was Absurd. I Actually Made Bird, MJ, Pippen, Magic, Wilt Threads etc. I`ve Actually Influenced this Forum With Good Debates, Analysis, Feedback, Broken Down Stats and Yes My Own Style of Writing.

For the People Who Hate...Its Because They Don`t Have Their Own Style of Debating and Doing It Well.

PD: I Think To Single a Poster as a Bad Poster Is Pathetic. We All Are Bad and Good Posters Depending on Our Fanship, Knowledge for the Game, Hate or Love etc...We Are Not Perfect So Don`t Single a Guy Out to Be This or That When You Are Not Perfect Yourself.
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