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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

The fact that either this or The Last of Us will be the second best game of the year, is true astonishing.

It also makes me a little sad that we're already pushing out a new generation of consoles. It feels like we're just starting to see these things pushed to capacity.

Now we're getting knew consoles for what? So my facebook friends can see that I spent all of Saturday night playing a game about mushroom zombies? I can live without that happening. Faster load times? Cloud storage?
I'm only sort of kidding. And I'll have a PS4 pre-ordered along with Watchdogs.

But really, stuff just continues to get better on these systems, and not just in terms of my taste, which both of these hit, but what these companies are doing technically, just with the size and scope, and cinematically with their camera work, is all just worlds better it's ever been.

The details you can pick up on just this short vid are rediculous. Rhythmic mentioned how good the tennis and golf looked. The golf thing had a topspin control on screen. It could be as advanced as a real golf sim. And the quick shot of the cycling showed a stamina bar, making it look like that could even be the best road cycling sim ever.

I agree that the most exciting bit was watching the black guy (Franklin?) walk toward that factory looking building and seamlessly knock off those three guys shooting at him as he approached. The camera work looked flawless, and if they can nail that, the impact of the combat will be an enormous upgrade. I never played Max Payne, but if that's the spawn of this combat change, god bless it.

I still have some mild concerns, but I'd rather have them then know anymore, and they're all sort of taste driven storytelling type concerns. I'm not sure how crazy I'll be about the triple protaganist, especially of such archetype sort of characterizations. And the exploration is always the thing I loved most about these types of games, and I love the apparently the whole map is available right off the bat, and I can totally see myself driving around for that first week just finding little horseshit collectables, and doing side missions. But I do fear that it may wind up being too big. But as far as concerns, that's a short and frankly piceune list.

And I'm not even remotely an online type of player, but even I could get behind just exploring the city with a bunch of other people.
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