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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

Originally Posted by rhythmic †hesis
Uhm, if San Andreas was released this year; it wouldn't beat The Last of Us bro. So unless you're that confidant that GTA V will be better then San Andreas (best GTA to date), then it ain't beating TLoU.

But I hope you're right man. This game looks so promising. The shooting mechanics...I literally jizz my pants every time I watch that scene where Franklin is shooting like 7 dudes off the roofs in 3 seconds flat.

This game will be better than San Andreas. It already has a bunch of things SA fanboys cried about when GTA 4 dropped. The graphics are better, shooting is better, playing with 3 characters where you can even switch back/forth between each one during a missing objective. Vehicles are better.

And we havent even begun to talk multiplayer. SA is outdated it wouldnt beat alot of games now.
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