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Default Re: Walking Dead Season 2

I finally played through this. I'm glad I stopped watching the show and its dull and poorly written characters. "The Walking Dead" to me is this video game series. It's Clementine, Lee, Kenny and everyone else.

This season was less about developing the side characters and all about developing Clementine and how she will live in this world. At times, I actually dreaded playing it knowing that there would be some devastating choices. I can't remember the last time I felt as angry playing a game as when Carver killed Walter in the ski lodge.

Given how huge the difference in available ending is, I assume that Clementine will not be the main character of season 3. I don't see how that's possible. I worry that a new group of characters won't be as compelling but I guess you just have to trust the writers on this one. They are 2/2 so far.

Also, fuck Arvo. I hope that kid got eaten slowly.
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